Why Thinknado (Tornado Thinking) is the key to survival

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In this highly interactive workshop, we’ll help pull apart the conventions that guide our thinking using the Thinknado creative process.

Over time, our brains are biologically hardwired with neural pathways and synaptic connections that largely determine our behavior. Once those pathways are formed our brains are pathological about following them. This is both good news, efficiency, and bad news because it actively inhibits new ideas and solutions.

Traditional problem solving strives for known and certain outcomes. But real creativity, real problem solving, always comes from exploring the unknown and the uncertain. Truly creative, innovative and unconventional solutions require us – demands us – to toss away what we already know and explore ideas with outcomes that are uncertain, unknown, maybe even un-right? Maybe being wrong might not be wrong at all. Maybe being wrong is the new way to be right? So, how do you go from the way things are… to the way things need to be? Welcome to Thinknado. A Thinknado is the freeing of your brain to act like a tornado to pull random ideas in and spin them around and upside down. Tornadoes do not edit what is right or wrong for a tornado – they just whirl and grab at everything in their path. Thinknados are the same in that they throw ideas – crazy ideas, wrong ideas together pulling them into their vortex, spinning them back to the ground.

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During this workshop, students will:

  • Tackle the challenge: How do we increase the visibility of the waste we produce?
  • Learn how to use the Thinknado process to explore new paths to solving big challenges
  • Engage with the four stages of the Thinknado process; Wait… Why?, Maybe…, What if?, Try this.
  • Be pushed and guided to build new ways of thinking about problem solving beyond the status-quo and look at challenges from a new perspective
  • Break the patterns of traditional problem solving to that you can make real progress

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