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This will be like no other conference. We are creatives on the edge of building a new world.

March 1–12, 2021

  • A Design Showcase featuring the most kick-ass & boundary-pushing climate solutions
  • Connection & networking that doesn’t require a “Hello, my name is” tag
  • Workshops that let you get your hands dirty


With this event we have
To help you become a climate designer.

Sustainability and climate change are no longer trendy, futurist topics. From Founders to Funders, leaders in every industry, from every sector, are trying to incorporate sustainability into their work.

The Party Program, hosted by Climate Designers, will be full of cutting edge climate leadership concepts and the skills you need to implement them.

Attending the Party Program is your next step in getting the skills you need to create, lead, and join this work.

Start your journey as a climate designer now.

What the Party Program is NOT:

A typical boring sustainability conference that drones on and on about how tragic the situation is.

A design conference that offers one sustainability track or a couple of workshops highlighting green design.

A conference just for architects; just for graphic designers; just for interior designers; just for fashion designers; etc.

What the Party Program IS:

a new kind of event, designed to create a new kind of leader, who will be part of creating a new kind of industry.

Dive DeepeR

Designers set trends

No more boring sustainability conferences. No more design conferences that have one sustainability break-out session.

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Designers solve problems

No more debating whether the earth is in danger. No more convincing people to stop using plastic bags or straws.

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Designers create culture

No more doing just enough to feel like you've made a difference. No more being the only one asking the hard questions.

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Some of our sponsors

We're proudly supported by these amazing brands.

Offsetting is no longer enough.

The Party Program is proud to be NEUTRALIZING our carbon footprint through a partnership with Cooler eliminates greenhouse gasses by buying pollution permits and keeping them out of the marketplace. This stops emissions at the source. Learn more about neutralizing and Cooler.

Party Program is being planned & organized by a passionate volunteer team of Climate Designers. 

 Meet the team »

Ok, ok. You probably still have so many questions about this thing. No worries, check out our handy FAQ page.

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