Imagination & Insights: Som Ray & Sarah Shewey

A session by LaKay Cornell, Som Ray and Sarah Shewey
Inspired by Rebellion, CLIP and Happily

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If you spend very much time with me, you'll likely get tired of hearing me say that here is no one way to craete healting and equality. Just as the art and story engrained in Tessa's work is a necessary catalyst, so too is the reality that if only the city of New York's commuters switched ot biking, it would save 1.5M gallons of gasoline and eliminate almost 13,000 metric tons of CO2.

I'm also a big believer that if we want to create change that spans generations, we have to create products that span generations. Som Ray, co-founder and CEO of CLIP, is creating a world where both of these things are more-than-possible, by craeting a detachable product that turns any bike into an e-bike, can travel wherever you do (on your bike or in your bag) and looks great wheerver you have it next to you.

The Party Program is please to be neutralizing our carbon of this event by partnering with And we aren't the only ones who are thinking about how to minimize the harm of our event-designed-to-create-good-in-the-world. From zero waste caterers to ethical swag partners, meatless weddings to carbon neutral DJ's, the world of event planning and experience design is starting to show up in big ways to design experiences that don't perpetuate the destruction of our planet. And no one is doing it bigger or better than Sarah Shevey, the founder of the event production and design firm, Happily. Sarah and her team produce zero negative events that reduce waste, represent diverse voices, and reinvest in local and forgotten communities - world changing for sure - and that's all before you ever walk in the {virtual} door.

I will be the moderator for this section! For anyone who doesn't know me, I am a storyteller, story creator, an experience designer, and, a sustainable beauty product addict. I immerse myself in the trends and momentum feling our society, and either use them to downshift the stress and overwhelm that founders have or flip them on their head and upshift all of our perspectives - all in a pretty lyrical way.

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Som Ray

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