March 10, 2021, 12:00 AM

Everything is Connected: Systems Thinking for climate designers

A session by Eric Benson Michelle Fehler Associate Professor/Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Illinois/Arizona State University Visit site

This 90-minute workshop will give you the basics to use systems thinking in your studio or classroom through a four-step design process that includes virtual hands-on exercises to get you started today.

Wait, what is systems thinking? Systems thinking in design should result in a usable and beautiful object or service that improves not only our quality of life but nature as well (reparations for nature). Systems thinking is the way forward for designers to continue their practice and renourish what humanity has taken away from (and damaged) the planet, and, in turn, drawdown our global carbon emissions.

Presented by two Climate Designers Chapter Leads.

Length: 90 minutes

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Eric Benson Michelle Fehler

Eric and Michelle each have over a decade of experience in design practice, teaching, and research into sustainability, biomimicry, and systems thinking. They are both professors who have also written, exhibited, and lectured internationally on the climate. We are very excited to meet and work with you in our workshop!

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