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March 12, 2021, 05:00 PM

Design with (Food) Waste — a workshop by Circular Home Lab

A Session by Paula Nerlich & Vanessa Rosenthal Circular Home Lab Visit site

Let’s rethink what waste means to us! And let’s turn these new thoughts into tangible matter.

We heartily invite all curious minds, makers and sustainability enthusiasts to join our circular home journey.

Aim: Turn what has previously been unwanted into a variety of materials to create your own small product. We'll teach you what you need to get started and show you the opportunities how to do much more on your own after our session.

What we'll explore: Part 01 : the world shifts towards circularity systems of complexity circular economy and the empowerment of cities effects on food (waste) industry exploring best case examples

Part 02: turning food waste into tangible matter introduction to DIY material making exploration into materials and natural colours from food leftovers make your own small bowl with an open source recipe and your household food leftovers show & tell

It will be a theory blended with getting your hands dirty and experiencing it with us. Having an open conversation about what circular home means.

After the workshop: Let's sparkle new ideas for future of product design with waste as a new resource. There might also be some picturesque results of your crafted work which you might want to share with your friends.

What you will need for the workshop: We will send you instructions what to prepare and how :) We will be cooking our material on a hob and the main ingredient you will need is your household food waste and additionally Agar Agar powder, vegetable Glycerol and Starch. This will all be descibed in detail to you in our Pre-Workshop-Handout to make it easy and fun to prepare!

Length: 90 minutes

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Paula Nerlich & Vanessa Rosenthal

Exploring the circular materiality of (food) waste by turning what has previously been waste into tangible products - rethinking systems of waste, the food industry, economy and potentials for communities.

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