Climate Art Making to Engage Communities and Win Campaigns

A session by David Solnit
Arts Organizer, Poor People's Campaign

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About this session

Hands-on art making to create a group banner project in support of a climate campaign, while also learning about ways arts can be used to involve people and win positive change.

ART-MAKING PROJECTS: David will show-and-tell examples of art-making projects that effectively involve people, both in person (like art-making builds or street murals) or from home (like virtual banners and DIY art kits).

David will also describe how using arts as part of a campaign can help win the narrative battle of the story and win positive change.

VIRTUAL BANNER: We will do hands on "virtual banner" making together to make a group banner to support the BUILD BACK FOSSIL FREE campaign. (

During the session each participant will design and create one letter and take a photo of themselves holding it. The letters will be put together to spell the banner message, which will be shared to publicly encourage more awareness of the campaign.

Please come prepared with paper and art supplies to make letter design on paper as part of the virtual banner--see below for more details.

SUPPLIES: Please come prepared with paper and art supplies to make letter design on paper as part of the virtual banner.

If you really want to do a design on your computer and have a printer--and you are able to participate in the workshop at the same time, feel free.

VIRTUAL BANNER ART BUILD SUPPLIES SIZE: an 11x7 vertical sign is a good size and can be easy to get paper for--including simply taping two 8 1/2x11 sheets together. Using a manila file folder is also great--and a little thicker. Other sizes are fine as well.

Sign material: You could use paper, cardboard, back of posters or other sheet material, a piece of plywood, fabric…

To make your image and words you could use:

Pencils, pens, markers--even with smaller markers, pens or pencils with a little time and filling in, you can make a strong sign.

Pastels, chalk, crayons, charcoal..

Paint: house paint (avoid solvent-based--not good to breathe indoors, or go outside), acrylic paint, water colors, tempera, etc.

Collage: colored paper, magazines or newspapers, any paper with color on it. And glue and scissors to cut it out and glue it down.

Recycled: You could try to make your image using completely recycled materials.

Fabric: you could do painting, embroidery, quilting, or applique (cutting out fabric images or words and sewing, gluing or ironing onto fabric sign).

Length: 60 minutes

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