Ancient Futures: Nature’s lessons for regenerative design solutions

A session by Anna Denardin
Co-explorer, Possible Futures and Estudio Lus

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About this session

In many ways, the environmental crisis is a consequence of how things are done, derived from design epistemologies incompatible with the maintenance of life on Earth in the long run. The understanding of the need to go beyond sustainability is evolving as we seek ways to engage with all the complexity of a living world. Regeneration comes in this context with the paradigm of allowing the continuous renewal of nature, welcoming its cyclicality and celebrating its movements, recognizing that change is part of life, honoring diversity, and making room for the new without leaving ancestral wisdom behind.

In this interactive workshop we will address the interconnections between biomimicry, regenerative design and systems thinking through decolonial lenses. We will collectively discuss other possible ways of designing that go beyond the limited conceptions imposed by modernity with dialogues, miro interactions and breakout rooms. Finishing with an exercise to be done away from the screens, people will be invited to asynchronously share sketches, photos, texts or any insights that came up during the session.

Length: 90 minutes

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