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March 01, 2021, 09:00 PM

Imagination & Insights: Keren Everett & Tessa Silva

A Session by Priyanka Kodikal, Keren Flavell and Tessa Silva Ableton, Kasaba & Tessa Silva

I was recently asked to write a poem or essay that used only beautiful words to descrbe the kind of change I want to create. The first step in creating this was to imagine what that world would look like, how it would feel, and who would be propelling it. Thanks to Keren Flavell, I didn't have to work to hard to picture this world. Keren is the founder of Kasaba, a retreat community where all living things thrive: and it's as close to heaven as I can imagine.

As modern activists, creators, and innovators, we often spend most of our time looking to the future - either imagining it or trying to figure out how to achieve it. In that same poetry class, the instructor urged us to consider leaving out the facts and statistics and sharing the humanity of our cause - the story. This is what British-Brazilian artist, Tessa Sivla, does with her research. She uses not only the science and data, but weaves in craft, design, archeology, and even a little mythology. Through her sculptures, she calls us to create a more symbiotic future by understanding our relationships to the planet and each other, in the past and present.

Moderator: Priyanka Kudikal, an interdisceplenary designer and researcher imagining the future of music through its interacton with and relationship to tech.

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